Welcome to The Miracle League of Miami Dade! homer

The Miracle League program provides an opportunity for children with mental and/or physical challenges to play baseball.  The Miracle League makes dreams come true.  Click here to check out a video about our Miracle League of Miami Dade.


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The Miracle League of Miami Dade is proud to partner with Blooming More.  The great team at Blooming More has designated 10% of the sale from every order using the coupon code MIRACLE to The Miracle League of Miami Dade. Click www.Bloomingmore.com to start shopping or here to learn more.


All players and volunteers need to register

If you registered as a player or volunteer prior to Jan.1st of this year, of if you are new to the Miracle League of Miami Dade, you should set up a new account and register on our new site here. Registering is similar to online shopping. First you need to set up an account for your family and log in. Then you can “shop” for your registrations as either a player or a volunteer. Instructions for players can be found here, and volunteers here.

MLoMD player Kerry Gruson featured on CBS4 and the Miami Herald

Gruson, 66, has no use of her legs and limited use of her arms, but that isn’t stopping her from competing in the South Beach Triathlon.  Her story is one of true resiliency.

To find out more about Kerry, see the following stories:



A truly inspirational story!


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